The magazine “OBJECTIVE” – is a periodical publication of the International Property Protection Committee (ICPP). We cover the most acute and pressing problems in the member states of the Council of Europe, publish resonant investigations of independent journalists, expert opinions, analytics and much more.

Periodicity: monthly, 12 issues per year.

Editorial office

Editor-in-Chief of the Joint Editorial Board of the magazines “EU-OBJECTIVE” and “Futurum” – Franc Smidt (Switzerland)

Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Objective” – Aleksei Shmidt (Republic of Cyprus)

Deputy Editor-in-Chief – Dmytro Zharikov (Ukraine)

Member of the editorial board, lawyer – Elena Malyshkina (Republic of Cyprus)

Member of the editorial board, journalist Vasyl Hulyi (Ukraine)



  1. Independent authors, journalists and other publicists, publish their materials in the journal “Objective”, FUTURUM and journal sites without censorship, guided by the professional ethics of the journalist, international and European conventions on freedom of speech, national legislation of the country of residence of the author, regulations and rules of trade unions of journalists, the European Charter of journalists, their own conscience and have all rights to their own works, including copyright, rights of disposal, etc. Thereby the editorial office of the journal Objective and FUTURUM and the publisher of the International Property Protection Committee (ICPP) are not liable for any damages, losses and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys ‘ fees and expenses) in connection with any claims, charges or investigations by third parties in connection with publications. The editors of the magazine and the publisher of the International Property Protection Committee (ICPP) do not control and do not check the reliability of the content and publications generated by journalists and authors.
  2. The magazine “OBJECTIVE” and FUTURUM, the editorial board of the journals and the publishing house of the “International Property Protection Committee” (ICPP)“ are in no way responsible for the publications of the independent authors, the publications are not being ordered or paid by the abovementioned organisations. The Editorial Staff holds responsibility for the following sections of the magazine and sites: “The word of the editor”, a review of events in the world, reposts of important materials, a selection of readers’ opinions, interviews of members of the editorial board, statements by the editorial board. Independent authors and journalists are not full-time employees of “Objective” and “Futurum” magazines, publishers and do not receive editorial assignments.
  3. Authors’ materials of independent journalists, investigative journalists published on the journal’s website, as well as in the electronic journals themselves, especially of regularly published authors, can be encouraged by royalties at the expense of sponsors and advertising revenues at the discretion of the editorial board.
  4. Independent authors, journalists and other publicists have the right to dispose of their published materials at their discretion – repost them, resell, post in other publications, withdraw their publications, apologize and refute in case of errors in publications, including by a court decision.
  5. The magazines “Objective” and FUTURUM, the editorial offices of the magazines and the publishing house “International Property Protection Committee” (ICPP) “do not bear responsibility to the authors and third parties whose interests are affected in the author’s publications, do not answer for their debts, so the authors bear no responsibility to journals, editorial offices of magazines and the publishing house “International Property Protection Committee (ICPP)”, including their debts. The basis of cooperation of authors / journalists, magazines Objective and FUTURUM, the editorial board and the publisher are freedom of speech, expression of one’s own opinion, a free platform for the publication of independent journalists in the form of magazines and their websites.
  6. The editorial staff of the magazine EU-OBJECTIVE and FUTURUM was established by the International Property Protection Committee (Cyprus) not for censorship but for determining the appearance of the journal, its relevance for regulating the cooperation of participants in the process of creating a journal, for taking measures and sanctions (up to deprivation of the right to be published in the journal) with ICPP Charter, the principles of journalism and legislation.
  7. The main censor of the author is his conscience, and professional court – his colleagues, the appraiser – the readers.
  8. ARBITRATION OFFER (RESERVATION). All structural divisions of the ICPP are self-supporting and self-sustaining and do not meet the debts of the ICPP, just as the ICPP does not holds responsibility for the debts of self-financing units. All independent journalists and authors published in the magazine “Objective” and FUTURUM and on their websites are creative workers, that is, subjects of business law. Incomes, fees and remuneration of all subjects of entrepreneurial activity are subject to declaration in the countries of residence of subjects of entrepreneurial activity by the subjects themselves. Payment of taxes is the duty and responsibility of business entities. All legal relations of authors-journalists-business entities and ICP, its structural divisions, editorial staff, volunteers, sponsors, publishers and others who have any relationship with the ICPP and magazines are voluntary. In case of disputes between the entities and the ICPP, between the structural divisions and the ICPP, between the ICPP and third parties, and also in the event of claims, such issues, disputes and claims are resolved solely in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the ICAC (Larnaca). Initially, the parties to the dispute agree to the appointment of a sole arbitrator by the Chairman of the ICAC at the ICPP, the policies and procedures of the ICAC at the ICPP, and in absentia proceedings at the discretion of the arbitrator, the proceedings before the ICAC at the location of the ICAC in the city of Larnaca (Cyprus), the Russian language as the language of arbitration, the finality of the decision of the arbitrator of the ICAC at the ICPP. Persons who have entered into any legal relationship with the ICPP and its structural units express their full agreement with this arbitration clause placed in the public domain.

ICPP, Larnaca, 2015

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