The project is based on several sources of law: international law, including international conventions, national law (protection of all forms of property, intellectual property and copyright, related rights, as well as Anglo-American case law). Keeping the Register and protecting the rights of clients is the statutory task of the ICPP.
Naturally, both national authorities, including the judiciary, stand for protection of printed materials, images, manuscripts, ideas, inventions, know-how, patents, etc.
Indisputable evidence of authorship and priority will be automatically generated by the software registration in the Register with time recording by the Greenwich Mean Time Generator.
Any idea (technology, invention, useful model, know-how, creative or intellectual product, commercial designation, trademark, domain name, corporate identity, slogan, new brand, concept, essay, journalism, prose, poetry, music, innovation, etc.) is subject to the principles of intellectual property and priority, that is, exclusive property and non-property rights are acquired.

Registration in the Register stands for the following:

  • publication in the catalog of the Register;
  • the exclusive right to the idea-product-product-model;
  • right to priority;
  • the right of authorship;
  • the right to a name;
  • the right to inviolability;

  • the right to publish a work;
  • the right to publish a work;
  • confidentiality;
  • all the rights to dispose the property (gratuitous transfer, sale, valuation, contribution to the statutory fund, division, destruction, donation, etc.), including transfer to inheritance.

The misuse or infringement of these rights entails the process of justifiable defense in the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) under the International Property Protection Committee (ICPP) on the basis of the Charter of the ICPP and the Regulations and Rules of the ICAC
All rights to the software and the database belong to the ICPP (Cyprus)

©ICPP 2014-2019. All intellectual property rights and trademarks are registered in accordance with the patent law, and are also protected by the Register of the International Committee of Property Protection (ICPP) and the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) in the Republic of Cyprus, Larnaca. Made by Artlumos