International commitee for property protection



The ICPP is a non-profit organization open to a wide range of individuals and legal entities: from private owners to direct investors and copyright owners, intellectual property, and creative unions.
The International Property Protection Committee (ICPP) was conceived and established on the initiative of the European Union of independent journalists and commercial companies in Cyprus and from other countries as a non-profit, non-governmental organization.
Since the establishment, the ICPP is closely cooperating with the Russian Fund “ ANTIMAFIA” under the guidance of Professor Yevgeny Myslovsky, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of Russia, and is sponsoring the monthly Russian-language magazine EU-OBJECTIVE for readers of member states of the Council of Europe. 

Our Leaders


Andrey Krylov

ICPP President


Yuriy Melnik

ICAC Chairman


Alexei Shmidt

“Objective” editor

Main objectives of ICPP

Protecting the rights of private owners, promoting the protection of private property, including intellectual property, throughout the world, with cooperation between state and non-state actors.

Support to owners and authors in their creative activity; support and protection of property rights and the strengthening of the international legal framework for all areas of property.

Establishment or participation in the establishment of an international commercial arbitration court on the basis of international law, national law, agreements of the parties and arbitration rules.

Maintenance of open and closed registries of copyright, databases of copyright and priorities, systematic catalogs and lists, information related to copyright and intellectual property, individual property, priority for registration of rights, both in documentary and electronic form.

To freely disseminate information about activities, including through the global Internet network.

Establish mass media means and carry out publishing activities.

Represent and protect rights, the legitimate interests of its members, as well as other citizens in judicial, state, international, local, legal and public associations and structures.

The ICAC within the ICPP is a permanent institutional arbitration acting on the basis of the Charter of the ICPP, the provisions of the ICAC according to its own approved rules and UNCITRAL rules.
The informational sponsor of the ICPP is the European magazine “EU-Objective”.
The statutory issues and the development strategy of the ICPP form the general meeting of the founders.
Representatives of the founders form the board, which elects the Chairman of the Management Board – the President of the ICPP for a period of 5 years.
The total initial budget of the ICPP is formed from the contributions of founders, sponsorship fees and voluntary donations from citizens and legal entities.
The members of the ICPP are under the legal protection of the ICPP on the basis of the Charter of the ICPP, its structures, including the International Commercial Arbitration Court and its structures.
The annual membership fee of a member of the ICPP for a legal entity is 1000 euros, for an individual – 100 euros.

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